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Brave Butterfly Partners
  Here is a list of partners:

migz designs   reol photography
Anybody can have a web site, but not all web sites have a web presence. migz designs provides unique, eye-catching, and functional designs to turn your site into a true landmark destination on the Internet. migz designs’ strong track record as a quality provider of web and print design and consulting services means you can truly begin reaping the rewards of having a strong design identity.
Reol Photography provides Brave Butterfly with all the photographic services for its products.

As a full photography service provider, Reol Photography is quickly gaining recognition for its wedding coverage. Combining the diverse experiences and approaches of two photographers, this partnership creates both traditional and photojournalistic styled images. Reol Photography offers complete wedding packages, but will also customize according to your wishes.

Vasanti Cosmetics
Vasanti was created in 1998 by three South Asian/Canadian women who developed a makeup line that was inspired by the "cultural mosaic" of Toronto, where language, culture and individuality is truly embraced. What started as a hobby has turned into a fast growing company with two Vasanti flagship stores, international media coverage and a cult following in Canada .

Vasanti's philosophy can best be described by its tag line: I Love My Colour. Vasanti is dedicated to help women everywhere enhance their beauty, no matter their ethnicity or age. The products, specifically formulated for yellow-toned complexions, celebrate the diversity of beauty. By taking a problem/solution approach and offering an exciting range of affordable, innovative and high-quality cosmetics, Vasanti continues to contribute to each woman's search for perfection of inner and outer beauty.
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